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We pay attention to your needs… Tell us what you would like to improve with our consultancy. Tell us about your passions, your goals, your hardest moments, joys and efforts of your everyday life. This first step of listening lets us understand if we can satisfy your expectations and start working together to create a software solution that can improve your business.


Interpersonal communication is a difficult and complex process. Before starting any project, we ensure that information we received from our customers is correct. In order to avoid misunderstandings, we involve our customers in the development phase. They are continually updated about any progress we do with our software solution’s proposal.

IT Solutions

Technology should be seen as a great advantage. A software solution must satisfy all the needs for which it was created and be able to anticipate the future ones. For this reason we offer customizable, extensible and integrable solutions. The feedback of our customers is very important in this process.

Agile Development

Agile development has the following characteristics:

• Development is iterative and incremental. The application is divided into small iterations that represent an elementary increase of system’s functionalities, focusing on the solution of a few small and well-defined problems. 

• Our priority is the delivery of our job. Customers assign a priority to any iteration based on their needs. Our team will first develop functionalities with the highest priority.

• Development must have an effective (fast and adaptive) reaction to changes.

• Frequent and fast releases: thanks to the process consisting of small steps, the development team is able to produce any kind of software in shorter time. Hence, releases are more frequent. 

• Testing. In the agile development it is important to write tests, just as the code itself, in order to ensure a correct system operation.