Green solutions

Altavia is a technological partner in the implementation of complex projects concerning the protection of natural resources, the reduction of inputs for a more sustainable agricolture, territorial information and e-Government

Environmental and territorial databases

Altavia manages environmental databases and uses geographic information systems (GIS) for their visualization and theming. For example, the Faldanet portal, developed on behalf of the Emilia Romagna Region and the Canale Emiliano Romagnolo, is used to monitor the epidermal stratum throughout the region’s plains. Moreover, the ContribuenzaFacile service, developed for ANBI Emilia-Romagna in 2002, allow to see tax collection files issued by the region’s Reclamation Consortium.

Precision agricolture

The development of integration software between irrigation advice systems and precision irrigation systems is another Altavia’s application field. Our company partecipated as technological partner at the Aladin Project, which aimed to realize an integration between operating protocols and new mechanical and IT technologies for variable rate irrigation. This integration allows a precision irrigation of intensive open field crops, corn and tomato that are water demanding and sensitive to water stress. Lastly, Altavia realized the Perfrutto platform for HK Horticultural Knowledge used for precision fruit growing.

Customized solutions in the agri-food chain

In the 2000s Altavia developed agri-food traceability systems such as SITRA for regional body ASSAM and Marche and Etiaia platform for Associazione Italiana Allevatori. These systems are still used today, since they were designed with the idea of being adaptable to any food supply chain (10 different supply chains are currently managed by SITRA).

Water saving

Design, development and integration of applications with iot sensors and remote sensing technology aimed to control environmental parameters for water saving and to mitigate climate change’s effects. As technological partner of Canale Emiliano-Romagnolo, the Irrinet system was developed for Emilia-Romagna Region and subsequently Irriframe for ANBI in Rome.