Custom Solutions

Customized software can be developed on the basis of your needs, ranging from different areas and for all kinds of device


This platform allows to book various services by users registered on it.
Registrations are selective, providing the possibility to dedicate services only to certain cartegories of users, the planning of various activities and the management of credits for bookings.
The platform is developed with .NET Core and Angular 8 technologies.

Personalized Calendar

This function lets you organize events in a free and intuitive way

Multi Role

You can log in as user or as administrator to see statistics or as supervisor

Customizable Services

It is possibile to create events depending on category, cost and number of partecipants you decide.


Users can evaluate the service

Immediate Booking

You can book your event with just a click. Confirmation will arrive via e-mail.


It is a system to manage prevention and protection risks in the workplace.
It allows you to classify employees depending on the type of activities carried out with the related risk indices and safety provisions provided for in order to monitor the situation within the different production areas.

Complete Management

After entering employees, you can create groups and assign activities and related risks

Targeted Reports

The risk assessment for any employee and activity can be exported in pdf

Imported Documentation

Evaluation form can be attached to each risk or can be directly created


It is a mobile application for Android systems, developed with native language. Guido Rossetti has created it. This application is based on Guematry technique and allows, through your personal data, to obtain some numbers that determine traits of your character.