Our company

What do we do?

Altavia started its business in the health area in January 2000 after developing a new management software for hemodynamics laboratories, named RAMWEB, used by public hospitals and private clinics in Italy.

Over these years Altavia collected successes in many different fields of application thanks to its ability in offering modern, efficient and high quality solutions and to its ability in diversifying its software production, getting in step with the times.

Altavia has ISO9000 certification and is included in the register of AIFA centers.

In 2005 the Etinet agri-food traceability software was created within the green area and the development of SI.TRA project (traceability system for reginal agricultural and food production) lets Altavia win the public contest of Marche Region.

After the realization of IRRISMS software in the Emilia-Romagna Region, Altavia developed for ANBI (National Association of Reclamation Consortium) the IRRIFRAME project in the years 2010-2011.

Moreover, Altavia realized WHEAT sofware for the transplant department of S. Orsola Hospital in Bologna and HEARTNET software, an innovative management software for electrophysiology and arrhythmology laboratories.

In the years 2017, 2018 and 2019 our company was chosen as IT provider in some projects in the field of water saving funded by the European Community.

In the last two years Altavia has been developing and implementing tailor-made solutions for start-up and consolidated clients.

Our mission

Our mission is to develop custom and on-demand solutions for any private clients or public bodies which decide to work with us.

Until now Altavia has collaborated with hospital specialist departments, such as hemodynamics, electrophysiology and transplantation laboratories, with companies and public bodies which operate in the precision agriculture field and with food processing chains.

Moreover, in this time in which everyone increasingly uses smartphones and apps and in which there are many users who have a diversified approach to the constantly evolving amount of data, Altavia’s priority is to provide concrete solutions in short time.

Internal organization

The internal team of programmers and developers are constantly updated with the most adopted software technologies and languages. The custom solutions are created with the consultancy and the partecipation of REMOTAMENTE and with numerous ICT professionals. Our team committed to work on fixed-term contract and the final product is always proved with tests and inspections, in order to satisfy client’s expectancy. Altavia’s focus is always on research & design. Thanks to our strong experience in national and european contests’ partecipation and our natural propensity for research and technological innovation, our company stands out as an ideal partner for RS&T projects.

Altavia is as an ideal partner for RS&T projects thanks to our strong experience in national and european contests’ partecipation and our natural propensity for research and technological innovation.


Altavia always seeks interaction with initiatives and working groups that are looking for an integration among different systems, that want to share operational and technological standards and that aim to develop software solutions which can garantee the best levels of application in the health area’s ICT use. Altavia has a ISO9001 certification.