Healthcare Solutions

Health-oriented technology


RamWeb is a software for the complete management of the hemodynamics and electrophysiology laboratory. It can be used directly via WEB in secure mode or it can be installed on the company INTRANET with the possibility of integration with hospital records, repository medical reports and PACS.

Room’s Schedule

It allows to plan performances according to the day of execution, the room used and the weekly program

Storage Room

Management of items for hemodynamic procedures, management of orders with the enhancement of the minimum threshold and the deposit account, loading and unloading of items with barcode reader too and handheld devices in complete mobility

Room’s Register

It is the heart of Ramweb that allows the complete management of patients and related procedures with the automatic compilation of the room register and medical report


Customization of an electronic “bulletin board” of queries created for users that ask for it. Possibility of polycentric and integrable bulletin board

Medical Report

Personalized report for the Center with the insertion of procedural data and devices used

Ramweb Configurable Modules

The application can be configured with numerous modules to conform to any needs

S.I.O. Integration – Hospital Information System


To support and optimize Electrophysiology

Electrophysiological Study

Catheter ablation, loop recorder, drug test and cardioversion

Storage Room

Loading and unloading operations, deposit account and barcode reading


Pacemaker implantation and ICD implant

Digital Signature of Medical Reports

Digital signature module via smartcard or with InfoCert® automatic remote signature system

Follow Up

Agenda management and personalization, automatic data acquisition from outpatient programmers using standard IHE IDCO and remote importation of monitoring registrations

Integration with:

Hospital information systems, ADT systems, company and territorial records, electronic medical record (EMR), CUP system for outpatient dematerialized prescription, hospital pharmacy

Why choose it?

Modern and intuitive interface, consultation of clinical history, live chat for assistance, traceability of stock items and ease of integration with other clinical systems. 


Application dedicated to the clinical follow-up of heart transplant patients, with the possibility of integrating case report forms for the implementation of study protocols and clinical trials.