As part of the diversification strategy that Altavia is pursuing, the company has started a partnership with Medicaltech, acquiring a share of the share capital of the company which operates in the development of integrated telemedicine solutions and which is based in Rovereto (TN) Medicaltech makes available to public and private healthcare operators, integrated telemedicine solutions in the cardiology field, medical equipment and IT applications, provided in a service logic, which simplify and integrate the acquisition of patient clinical data in different methods of use, both diagnostic and managerial, and able to improve the treatment and management of the disease.

in-depth meetings are already underway between the managers of the two companies to evaluate the possibilities of commercial synergies in the sectors in which they are already active. Surely the market of telemedicine-oriented services will be a growing market in the coming years, also in the light of the recent government decision of huge investments in the sector.